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Welcome to my Vampirefreaks layout help bit.

Use the menu on the left to check out my premade layouts backgrounds and cursors. I also have a profile generator and cult generator for the less html-minded. Page editing codes covers all the classes for tables on your pages, helpful for if you're in the process of designing your own layout. If you see anything missing here, or want me to add anything, [ Get in Touch ].

Please don't message me asking for a custom Vampirefreaks layout- I'm sorry but I just don't have the time. If I filled even half the requests I get I'd never do anything else!

23rd November 2007 00:26am

So, someone said to me: those blinking great credits on the generator layouts look really tacky, it's no wonder people take them off! After some debate about what obnoxious people layout thieves are I eventually conceded- the text credits were big and tacky, so I've replaced them with blinking eye credits instead. Want to know what a blinking eye credit is? Go [ Generate A Layout ] and take a look!

27th March 2007 09:06am

New [ Cult Generator ] all finished!

13th December 2006 03:15am

New [ VF Layouts ] site launched! A lot of the content is the same stuff I have on my VF pages here, so Im undecided whether Im gonna discontinue this bit, or just mirror the content perhaps. Anyhow, check that site out! Theres some new stuff on there that I haven't put up on here yet too- flash toys and music and such like :)

12th December 2006 21:00pm

Tonnes of new shit! I've put up the codes for editing every page [ profile page ] [ journal page ] [ gallery page ] and [ cult pages ] (all class diagrams are clickable). You can also find the button codes [ here ] and lots of new stuff in the [ (x)html and css ] section.

25th November 2006 17:31pm

I've added comments to my news pages, so you can reply to specific entries if you wish.
Added a [ VF FAQ ] Yo! and a [ Rainbow Text Generator ]

25th October 2006 10:21am

Finished a new [ coding basics ] tutorial covering html, css and classes. Added a few cursors and backgrounds under [ readymade stuff ], and the rest of the copy and paste codes will be back soon- I'm indexing them in a database to help keep things tidy and make a more effective search.

23rd October 2006 11:30am

Generator back up and running- I've made some improvements & fixed some bugs. Also check out the new [ readymade layouts ] and, for the truely geeky, [ class diagrams ]. These are something I've been asked for a lot.

20th October 2006 02:50am

Site under major reconstruction! I am aware nothing works. It'll be bigger and better soon, honest ;)

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