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Vampirefreaks Cult Code Generator

Welcome to my cult layout code generator. People have been asking me for one of these for ages, so here it finally is! If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions for add-ons or future code generators please let me know.

  Design Your Cults Front Page

none anchor box scrollbox rounded boxes
No Info Boxes Anchor Box Scrollboxes Rounded Boxes

  Page Alignment (affects all cult pages)

full page align left align right align center
Full Page Left Right Center

  Page Border

border Yes No
Front Page Only

  Color Schemes

reds on black greens on black oranges on black blues on black
greys on white greys on black pinks on black purples on black

Picking a scheme above will fill in these boxes automatically. If you want to leave anything in its default color just leave the box blank. You can also pick your own colors and write in their hex codes, or accepted color names. (click the link below to see hex codes for the websafe colors).

[ Show / Hide Color Palette ]

Text Visited Links
Hover Links Unvisited Links
Page Bg Scrollbar Arrows

  Text & Link Styles

Regular Text
Unvisited Links
Visited Links
Hover Links

  Page Background Image

no image spiderwebs tribal black tribal white
None Webs (tiled) Tribal 1 Tribal 2
dragon insane no image no image
Dragon Insane

    Or upload your own:

First host your image on [ Tinypic ]
Copy the bottom code they give you- (the one called the LINK)...

and paste it in here:

    and finally position it:


  Background Image Placement

Use my selected background image on:
Every Page of My Cult
Front Page Only


default cursor shorty needle cross
Default Shorty Needle Cross

    Or upload your own (advanced):

Cursors must be ani or cur files to work in IE, and gif's for Firefox. You need to UPLOAD your cursor files to the internet and then paste the urls below. If you only use a gif, or only use a cur or ani file, your custom cursor won't work in all browsers.

cur or ani cursor url:

gif cursor url:

  Style Your Tables

Leave My Tables Alone!
Style All At Once  
Style Individually

  Style Text Inputs & Buttons

Nb to style the tables around the thread / reply boxes use the individual tables bit above. This styles the boxes you type threads / replies in, and the buttons.

Background Color
Text Color

  Hide Stuff

Anything you dont want to see on your cult?

[ Toggle Hiding Panel ]

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